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Earth Hour 2016

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Earth Hour 2016

Climate change and urgent care for the environment has always been a concern that has everyone needs to know and participate in. With the world coming into a new era of climate action, independent, non government and government agencies have been working together to help build and encourage everyone to support the cause.

The Philippines have been supporting the movement by switching off all lights and other electricity dependent items for an hour. Though the lights are off, this action shines the light on tangible action for climate change. This is the annual Earth hour event.

Earth Hour uses the simple action of turning off lights for 60 minutes to send a message about the need for solid climate change solutions. This symbolic activity has been done all around the world and we at The Monochrome, Time Horizon Events and Lighthouse Productions wholly and fully support this movement.

The Monochrome is located in Santa Rosa, Laguna – one of the three cities that made the list as a finalist in the Earth Hour City Challenge. The Monochrome fully supports and actively participates in the city’s initiative in promoting sustainable practices for energy efficiency and renewable energy.

The winner of the EHCC will be announced by the WWF by October 2016.

Meanwhile, the 2016 Earth Hour will be conducted on March 19 from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. The Philippines has been participating in the Earth Hour since 2008.

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